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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. You can use an existing number with our services in either of two ways:

1) Simply forward your calls to the phone number that we provide when you start service – you can forward calls all the time or just sometimes

2) Or port your number into our platform – we’ll receive 100% of your calls while your number is hosted on our platform, and you can port it back out anytime

Yes you can! It is free to change your plan and we encourage you to plan ahead and determine how many minutes you need on a month to month basis. We will also monitor your usage and pick out the best plan for you so you will have the most efficient bill with the less wasted calls.

Your usage time is calculated by adding up the Calls that are consider a successful Transaction. Any completed task is consider a successful Transaction. For example, answering questions transfer calls, setting appointment or if the call lasts longer than 2 minutes you will be billed for 1 call of usage. Unlike like other receptionist services we pride ourselves on quality interactions which is why we do not charge by the second.

Answering services typically take and forward messages and can sound impersonal. They tend to leave callers feeling like they are leaving a message with someone who has absolutely no connection to the person they want to speak with.

Our virtual receptionists sound as if they are sitting at your front desk, answering calls, managing your calendar, giving pricing information and answering FAQs while also taking messages and screening calls.

Yes we can, we can work with the calendar software you are currently using to schedule appointments for you.

Our receptionists are based in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Yes, you can choose to forward your calls to us whenever you like, whether it is part-time or when you are too busy to answer calls (call overflow).