Signs That You Need to Outsource to A Call Center

Are you or your staff feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done? Are you all struggling to keep up with customer service demands? Are you missing out on potential sales and customers because you’re running behind? If so, it may be time to outsource to a call center. Use this article to help you understand what a virtual receptionist service does and the signs that you need to outsource services to a call center. Let’s get started!

What is a Virtual Receptionist or Virtual Office Receptionist?

A virtual office receptionist is a real person who acts as a call agent that is not sitting in your office or building. The virtual aspect does not mean this is an automated solution or something less than what a human being can offer. You will get a personal live receptionist professionally answering service with quality telephone etiquette on behalf of your organization. They’ll do all this and more from a remote location in your country or around the world.

What Services do Virtual Receptionists offer?

A virtual receptionist service provider like Sidekick Admin offers:

  • Inbound calls that can be customized to your company preferences.
  • Outbound calls like follow-ups, appointment reminders and call-backs.
  • Call Overflow, which are calls that you may be too busy to answer.

These services are key for helping businesses with their call needs.

How To Know That Your Business Needs to Outsource to A Call Center:

1. When your sales prospects are waiting for hours for an answer

For businesses, every second counts because customers are impatient, and the competition is likely very stiff. Any time you fail to answer a call, a live chat, or do not respond to emails, you are missing huge business opportunities. This is because your potential customer will find other available options, especially if it is urgent. When you find yourself missing clients’ calls, live chats, and messages, or you take time to answer them, you need to outsource to a professional call center. Ideally, you will provide them with a good call center scripting for the virtual receptionist to use and ensure smooth communication. With a 24/7 live receptionist answering service, you are unlikely to miss any more sales opportunities and you’re your business will grow.

2. When you spend too much money on an in-house call center

You may find that your in-house call center is too expensive to maintain due to the cost of employing full-time staff members. If you need to reduce hiring costs, it’s time to outsource to call agents. When you outsource a virtual assistant call answering service, you reduce your costs and the management of in-house staff. Additionally, you allow your key employees time to concentrate on other income-generating activities like sales, processing orders and developing new products. Getting the best virtual receptionist will help your company to reduce high expenses because all you pay for is the talk time the call center company engages with customers. You don’t have to invest in technology or any other thing.

3. When customers leave you messages and complain about your poor communication

In your journey of looking for new customers and new leads, your current customers should not be ignored. When the customer calls your company, it means they either have a question, are looking for something to order, or are giving you a lead. If you miss out on a customer, you miss out on business.

When you realize your customers are not satisfied with your communication, there is a high probability they can go to someone elsewhere where they can get all the attention they want. When you notice your customers complaining, know it’s time to outsource a virtual office receptionist. They have all the time and expertise to give attention to your customers and answer all questions. This is something you can do especially if you have a perfectly done call center scripting. The call centers have hundreds of customer care representatives, making it very hard for call centers to miss a call from your customers or receive a quick call back.

4. When you aim to expand your business without spending on customer support

When you open a new branch of your business, it is expected to get many inquiries about your services and products from the new area. You can’t afford to miss any call or live chat to attract new customers. Additionally, you may not have enough resources to hire a larger customer support team.

When such a situation arises, you need virtual customer care services. Call centers link new customers to you and help to answer all the repetitive inquiries that customers may want to know about your business.

5. If you have a huge number of orders

When dealing with a huge number of orders, you will receive many calls from customers asking about the process of their orders while others make similar orders. In such instances, you can get confused about which service to handle first. With orders, they are very delicate, and if you don’t handle them well, you can send a customer the wrong order. You will protect your brand’s image and grow repeat sales from your customers by outsourcing some of your calling services.

The best virtual receptionist will help you handle your calls and take orders on your behalf. Call center agent hiring will reduce the pressure of rushing to manage calls. All you’ll need to do is to process and dispatch the orders.


No business can handle everything on its own. A time comes when you need help. If you find it difficult to handle all communications from your customers, it is time to outsource a call center. Call centers are the best links between businesses and customers. So why not outsource your incoming, outgoing or overflow calls to professional virtual office receptionists? Let us help you with experienced virtual assistant call answering services. Give us a 7 days free trial today!

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