Terms & Conditions

To ensure the quality of the Sidekickadmin client experience we have set up our terms of service for our mutual benefit. We’ve tried to cut down the legalese so you know exactly what to expect when you sign up with Sidekickadmin.

Our Services

Sidekickadmin provides remote, shared virtual assistant services to clients on a recurring monthly subscription basis. When you sign up for our services, we’ll do our best to understand your needs so we can match you with one, or more, of our virtual assistants. Members of our sales and client success teams will walk you through the services, monthly costs and highlight any terms you need to be aware of to get the most from working with our Sidekickadmin team.

A profile will be created for you in our project management platform. This is the best place to communicate with your virtual assistant to record your requests and where your assistant tracks their hours against your monthly subscription. Speaking of hours, your monthly subscription package outlines the number of hours your virtual assistant is available to you and it’s important you work together to make sure your hours are being used. Of course, you can always go over your allotted hours if you need to – more on that in the Overages and Expenses section.

Requests and task management

What makes us different is not only our North Star (our talent) but also, you get assigned a dedicated client success manager, or CSM for short, who will oversee your account and work with you to make sure you are successful at delegating to your VA. You may submit your tasks the best way that works for you, we encourage you to find out what works best by talking with your VA in your kick off call.  All of our VA’s will send an end of week report that shows how many hours they’ve worked and what they’ve worked on. We do this so that you can best allocate your hours. To get you into a good cadence habit, we suggest having at least two calls a week with your VA to start.  

Just like in any new hire, it is important to give yourself at least 4-6 weeks to get to know your VA and how to best use their services. If there is a task that your VA does not do, no problem, we got you!  Reach out to your CSM who has the ability to build you a fully remote team of good people.  

Payment for Services

No one likes talking about money (except maybe our CFO) but we want to be completely transparent so you know what to expect. As a recurring monthly subscription service, we issue invoices, and require payment by credit card, in advance of each month of service. Your credit card is kept on file through our secure payment processor, Stripe.

Your card will be automatically charged on the monthly anniversary of your sign up date, unless you’ve made other arrangements with our billing department. Charges will reflect the hourly package you agreed to when you signed up for Sidekickadmin, any overage hours incurred in the previous cycle, and taxes will be charged where applicable.

If your credit card cannot be processed on your billing date, we’ll make every attempt to connect with you to get an alternate method of payment. If we haven’t been able to process your payment after two business days, we will pause your services until payment is received.

If we’re unable to process payment within 30 days of your billing date, we will, unfortunately, send you to collections. We don’t like doing that – please help us avoid it if at all possible.

Package Increases and Decreases

We know that sometimes in business, things change. So we give you the flexibility to increase and decrease your monthly package.

You can increase your package at any time. Just let your virtual assistant or client success manager know.

To decrease your package, let your virtual assistant or client success manager know a minimum of seven business days ahead of your billing date. If you let us know after that, we’ll happily honour the decrease on your following billing date.

A couple of final notes on decreasing package hours… Package decreases of more than 50% of hours are not allowed; and, if you decrease your package and then decide Sidekickadmin isn’t for you, or your business needs change, you must wait one full billing cycle before entering into your final 30 days of service.

Why?  We’re glad you asked. Because most of our virtual assistants rely on their earnings from Sidekickadmin as a source of income, it is our duty to supply them the hours they desire. By having this clause in place it allows us the time to move them to another account while also wrapping up your account.

Overages and Expenses

If increasing your package isn’t in the cards for you but you need a few extra hours once in a while, go ahead and go over the hours you’ve prepaid. We’ll bill you on your next invoice, at the same hourly rate as your package, for any hours you’ve exceeded in the previous month.

If you need your virtual assistant to make a purchase on your behalf, please ensure you make those arrangements via email so we can expense them back to you.

We make every effort possible to let you know when you’re getting near the hours you’ve signed up for. However, it’s your responsibility to manage your virtual assistant’s time, and to pay for any hours that exceed your monthly package.  Feel free to reach out to the client success manager on your account for tips on how to properly manage your VA.


We value your information like it’s our own. None of the Sidekickadmin team, including our virtual assistants, will use your materials for any projects other than yours. If you’d like us to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, we’re happy to do that.

The same holds true in reverse – any materials provided by Sidekickadmin or our virtual assistants may not be used for any purpose other than fulfilling our contract with you.

Canceling Your Account

We get it. A virtual assistant isn’t for everyone, at every time. While we’ll be sad if you leave, we want to be as transparent as possible in case that comes about.

If you decide to leave, please send an email to your client success manager, providing us with 30 days’ notice prior to your next billing date. If you send your cancellation notice mid-cycle, we’ll bill your final 30 days of service on your next billing date. This allows you to wind down your account with us, and provides us the opportunity to find another client for your virtual assistant.

If you’re in your first month of service with us, you can cancel any time without penalty but we won’t be able to refund unused hours or prorate your subscription.

If you cancel, you agree that you still owe us for any outstanding payments, including 30 days’ notice, any outstanding overage fees and/or expenses incurred.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any Sidekickadmin client at any time, for any reason, without entitlement to a refund. Ending a relationship with a client happens infrequently, but could occur for any number of reasons including, but not limited to the abusive treatment of a virtual assistant or any of the Sidekickadmin team members.

Building Your Remote Team

There may be times when our team determines that additional virtual assistants are needed on your account. We’ll work with you to make sure the virtual assistant(s) we assign are qualified to complete your work.

Because we’re human, there’s a chance for an unforeseen absence (sickness, vacation, the departure of a virtual assistant) and, despite the care we take in matching, sometimes it doesn’t work out. In these rare instances, we will provide you with an equally qualified virtual assistant.


Our virtual assistants are vetted through a thorough process that includes interviews, training and skill-testing. But, we’re human and mistakes can happen. Sidekickadmin offers no warranty on any of the information, tasks or projects your virtual assistant completes for you. We will do our best to provide the most effective and skilled people for your needs. If Sidekickadmin gives you information or results that are wrong, you cannot hold us liable for it (or the results) legally or morally.


We love when we create such a perfect match that you, the client, can’t imagine your business without your virtual assistant. We don’t love it when our clients solicit our virtual assistants, either directly or indirectly, and we take this pretty seriously. If you and your virtual assistant engage outside of Sidekickadmin while you are working with them, and for a period of 12 months following working with them, you agree to pay Sidekickadmin a sum equal to twelve times your highest monthly invoice.

Sidekickadmin has made substantial investments in recruiting, training and matching our contractors and just like any business we have a legitimate reason to make sure we are getting our return on the investments we have put into having this business.  Sidekickadmin has agreements with our virtual assistants that protect this interest by requiring them to pay a substantial amount should they accept any engagement (or engage) outside of Sidekickadmin (whether as an employee, consultant, contractor or otherwise) with any of our clients. Furthermore, if the virtual assistant chooses to leave and work with you outside of Sidekickadmin they will never be allowed to return to be a contractor in Canada’s largest virtual assistant community where our main goal is to provide remote work to people while managing our fast growing community.

The End

Congratulations! You made it to the end of our Terms of Service. We tried to make it as easy to understand as possible but if there’s something that needs clarification, reach out to your client success manager.